Tim Rohrich

Tim RohrichPioneers

Tim is an entrepreneur and tech & innovation addict driven by an inexhaustible curiosity about the future. Since 2011 he has been working for Pioneers - an international media company based in Vienna which is building platforms for entrepreneurship and innovative future technologies. Before that he founded three companies and studied industrial engineering and management in Germany and Austria.

Tarmo Liivamägi

Tarmo LiivamägiKinotehnik

Tarmo is a guy behind a success story of small hardware startup Kinotehnik, a company which is known world wide as producer of the high quality electronic viewfinders for professional cameras.

Kalmer Kand

Kalmer Kand Enics Eesti

Specialist of Manufacturing Applications at Enics Eesti AS. He is an electronics engineer, electronics manufacturer and certified soldering teacher for standards J-STD-001, IPC-A-620, IPC-A-610. Kalmer´s specialities are IT, gadgets and electronics.

Alo Peets


Alo is robotics and computer engineer with more than 10 year of experience doing R&D in University of Tartu and in Universidad Simon Bolivar (Colombia). He is manager of advanced electronics and hardware prototyping workspace Protokeskus. He is teaching and mentoring various classes from prototyping to system administration in University. Recently he started his own startup Robomeister OY, where he is designing and building innovative prototypes.